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Hayden Panettiere Icontest

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Hayden Panettiere Icontest

hayden panettiere icontest

Welcome to Hayden P. Icontest. This is an icontest community dedicated to Hayden Panettiere, a young starlet featured in the hit show, Heroes on NBC and movies such as Bring it On: All or Nothing. Feel free to participate in any of the in the weekly challenges. Anyone is welcome to join! This icontest community is moderated and established by gabez_iconz.

how to enter

♥You must be a member of this community to enter a challenge
♥All effects are allowed, unless otherwise stated
♥Icons must use images provided and be your own work, and they must fit LJ standards (40kb or less, 100x100px, png., jpeg. or gif. format)
♥Do not vote for yourself or ask anyone to vote for you
♥Anonymous votes do not count
♥Entries must be anonymous, which means you cannot post them elsewhere before the voting results are announced
♥Please read each weekly challenge rules carefully. They are not always the same each week.
♥Have fun! Be creative, make your icon the way you want to, and just have some fun! Also, please be respectful to anyother graphics and creators involved in any of the weekly challenges.
♥Submit your entries in a comment to the challenge post.



a few things

Friday- new challenge & voting posted, icons due at 3:00 Mountain Time
Saturday&Sunday- voting is taking place
Monday- winners announced
Wednesday- mid-week reminder

&Have a question or suggestion? Check out the Suggestion Box.
&All first palce winners can be found at the Pink Carpet.

♥You can check out my affiliates here. Want to be an affiliate? You can just comment on the same post.
♥I am only accepting affiliations with other icontest communities or any community dedicated to Hayden Panettiere such as galleries, graphics, etc.


Feel free to use these banners to promote us. More coming soon!

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